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Welcome to MCL Dynamics

Our Purpose
Businesses or enterprises that want to be the best at delivering projects - we design the domain through which you will succeed.

A project domain consists of four components, people, system, technology and learning. Of these, people are the most important, the other components provide the scaffolding to support them as they take a project through it's life cycle.

Benefits to you
The domain we design will be configured to meet your requirements.  Typically: high performance teams that collaborate; processes and structures that mould peoples' behaviour; competence building as people do their work; various threads of activity held coherent; and leaders confident that what should happen is happening.


Response to your needs
Our motto is, "deal with today, prepare for tomorrow".  This expresses our view that to change from current methods to systems that meet the needs of the 21st century takes time; however, events often demand action now. Put simply; if there is a problem that is disrupting progress today, or an opportunity that must be grasped, let's deal with it; but make today’s solution part of the total solution.

When we can help
Our services are relevant to any organisation that delivers product or service through projects; whether with the responsibility of a client, or providing professional services, or acting as a consultant, or manufacturing a product, or engaged as a contractor. At concept quickly convert ideas into credible proposals; in design, compliance with requirements and standards is assured; cost effective procurement that is equitable to all parties; rapid resolution of issues caused by events or forces. We have particular strengths that are relevant to those who participate in joint ventures, and those who have to deal with tertiary stakeholders, i.e. those who can influence a project, but with no responsibility for delivery.