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Donington Park
Written by Ian
Tuesday, 13 September 2011 10:04

Hi all

Just Back to the land of the living after a tiring day sitting at East Midlands Airport for 11 hours waiting on my flybe flight to take off!! Having had all this time to sit and wait arround gave me an oppertunity to reflect on the weekend and my first experience on the MSS Colchester Kawasaki.

As I had not been on the bike before there was alot of work to be done to find a setting which suited my riding style, The boys on my side of the garrage worked flat out all weekend, and it is a credit to them.

The Bike is alot different to what I was used to riding all year and it took me a while to adapt my riding style to suit it. I feel that the reasults which we ended up with did not reflect on the progress we made all weekend. I am really excited about going to silverstone as we ended the weekend with a good feel for the bike and I am confident I will be able to deliver the reasults the boys diserve.

Thanks again to all the MSS colchester Kawasaki team for the effort this weekend. Great effort!